Vegan products | eco-friendly | minimalist lifestyle

his September we went to Evolution Festival, an exhibition of BIO, Eco-friendly, vegan products and cosmetics; and seminars about a healthy lifestyle.

This year we spent a lot of time exploring the PURE VEGAN cosmetics, we discovered that in most cosmetics, even if it’s vegan or natural; it contains different types of ALCOHOL. Most common used ALCOHOLS in food and cosmetics are ethyl alcohol/ethanol, SD Alcohol, Alcohol Denat, methanol, isopropyl alcohol and benzyl alcohol, which can be irritant for our human skin. For those who follow the pure vegan lifestyle, we recommend you to notice that cetyl alcohol and lanolin alcohol are from animals.

Vegan products | eco friendly | minimalist lifestyle

The Czech cosmetic brand PURITY VISION, founded in 2008, has their products pure vegan, 100% natural ingredients without any alcohols. Purity Vision has been trying to find better suppliers with fair dealings in order to guarantee long-term cooperation; at the same time continuously improving the quality of products. The products are certificated with FAIR trade and no animal testing; moreover, always packed in recyclable packaging for the reasons of ecological protection. They include toner, bamboo butter, coconut oil, argan oil, lipstick etc. You can find them in DM grocery stores or Purity E-shop.

Vegan product | Vegan Chia dessert

7. Textile bins:
Clean clothes, shoes, bed linen packed in bags.
Toothpaste, mascara, receipts, as well as other contaminated packages that cannot be washed out or greasy paper belong to municipal waste bins.

Tudlee is a Czech brand, which offers vegetarian food products. They sell vegan cheese, plant spreads and desserts. We found that two types of vegan cheese (Original and smoked cheese) are onion, garlic and other pungent spices free. Two spreads, cheddar style and tomato and basil, are five pungent spices free as well. You can find their products in Albert, Tesco, Rohlik, Globus etc.

Zemito is a Czech company, specialized in selling Eco-friendly products such as bamboo toothbrush, recycled file folder, pure vegan cosmetics from Slovakia brand Navia, etc. They have e-shop and the delivery covers 1398 dispensing points all over the Czech Republic. More information can be found on their website: https://www.zemito.cz/

Skinny & Company, is founded in 2013, striving a healthy and chemical-free lifestyle. The founder Luke Geddie, after being raised up in a family dedicated to healthy living and being inspired by the coconut oil that is produced without heat, but rich in vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and valuable lauric acid, he started the business, hoping to change the world. The brand provides pure products derived from coconuts, the products are made with five or less simple ingredients. Their products are alcohol-free and include shampoo bar, lip balm, body butter, etc, but the lip balm is made with bee wax.

Vegan product | eco-friendly | Roztomydlo soaps

ROZTOMÝDLO sells handmade soaps. The founder hopes to provide soaps that are good for customers and the planet. They have carefully selected the ingredients to make soaps, which cleanses and nourishes the skin, keeping it naturally moisturized. Most of soaps are vegan and without alcohol. You can find the products on their website.

Vegan product | eco-friendly | Roztomydlo soaps

This year we found some big photos of water crystals, which are from Japanese doctor Emoto’s research. The result of water experiments show that negative energies, including emotions, words, thoughts and actions, will influence negatively the shape of the molecule of water. Our human body is 70% water, so negative energies, such as hatred, anger, complaint etc, will not only pollute our human body but also our mind and soul. Therefore, what we choose to put in our body and put on our body is important. Starting from a pure diet, we know what is truly good for ourselves.

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