Big food pockeat – Green mountain


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  • Handy Pockeat: Suitable for breakfast like sandwiches, burgers, rice ball
  • Need Only a Finger to Hold: With one hand completely unoccupied, you are able to hold an umbrella, pick up phone calls, or hold the leash of your beloved puppy. You can hang your Pockeat on the handlebar with the grip while riding a bike as well.


  • 3 liters capacity: Pockeat can hold at most 8 bagels
  • Flexible Size: Pockeat is able to put into little bags or pockets.


  • Water-proof
  • Leak-proof
  • Toxic-free: Pockeat is leak free and can be used to hold pasta, cut fruit, soup and greasy snacks. Inner layer of Pockeat is heat-resistant ( up to 120°C), waterproof, and oil-resistant, making it a perfect container for both solid & liquid food.

We invite you to join us to fulfill plastic reduction, to live with no trace. Each time using Pockeat means you replace one plastic bag for our environment.


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