Vegan Bread Wrap



This is  the Vegan line of Bee’s Wrap, the natural alternative for plastic wrap and aluminium foil. Fold the wrap with the warmth of your hands and it forms a seal around the product. Use it for cold foods like bread, cheese, vegetables and to cover bowls. Clean by rinsing with cold/cool water and re-use, up to 1 year. Not to be used for raw meat or fish. Keep away from heat, because otherwise the beeswax will melt.

Bee’s Wrap sells very good in a lot of different types of stores: in organic groceries, bakeries, etc. In zero-waste shops, concept-stores, kitchen stores, outdoor stores, but also in museum shops, on farmers markets and high-end fairs. The high quality of Bee’s Wrap, because of the used ingredients and the way they are produced, has made that there is a large fan-base worldwide.

Bee’s Wrap Vegan is made of Gots certified organic cotton, plant-based wax, organic coconut oil and and tree-resin.




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