Vegan product | Soyka

The story of the brand “Soyka”

Soyka is a new Czech soya-based brand, founded by Mr Jeřábek together with his wife and uncle in September 2018. The story of Soyka started with the diet changing of Mr Jeřábek while he was living in Indonesia in 2015. When he saw the meat sold on the street, he was worried about the quality of the meat, especially in negative effect on the body after people eating it. Therefore, he decided to stop eating meat. Then, one of his children became vegetarian after watching some documentaries about how cruel the meat industry is. Slowly his whole family, three children and his wife, became vegetarian. Mr Jeřábek tried a lot of soya products when he was in Asia, such as tofu, tempeh, soya-based milk etc. When he came back to the Czech Republic, he could not find fresh and organic soya products in the market. Therefore, he made his mind to start his own business, creating a new soya-based brand: Soyka.

Vegan product | Soyka

Introduction of the products

Soya milk

Soy milk is a plant-based drink produced by soaking and grinding soybeans, boiling the mixture, and filtering out remaining particulates. Its original form is a natural by-product of the manufacture of tofu. Soyka’s soya milk is made with non-GMO and organic soya beans from Austria, which contains at least 42% protein. The main ingredients are water, 10% soya beans, salt, agave syrup, without any chemical additives. In the beginning, Soyka was only producing natural flavor soya milk, and then come the vanilla, carob, cardamom flavor and eventually the soya milk for barista making the vegan coffee. Since Soyka’s soya milk is fresh and without any chemical additives, the shelf life will be around 6-10 days if it is stored in the fridge below 6 degree.

Vegan product | Soyka

Tofu, Rooibos tea and caffeine-free coffee

Besides soya milk, Soyka also has tofu and the degradable capsule of rooibos tea and caffeine-free coffee. It is worth mentioning that the rooibos tea is produced in the capital of South Africa: Cape Town, with the quality guaranteed. In the future, Mr Jeřábek wants to make “Soya milk rooibos tea”, which combines the Soyka’s soya milk and rooibos tea.

Where to buy the Soyka’s products?

You can find the products in the Countrylife’s shop in Letna, Plný Šplajz (Bělehradská 94 Vinohrady Praha 2) and Lupínek Háje (Kosmická 13 Praha 1)

Mr Jeřábek is planning to open his own physical shop in the future.

How is the Eco-friendly concept shown in the management of Soyka?

The bottle:

In the beginning, the bottle was made by the degradable plastic and now it changed into the glass. Mr Jeřábek mentioned that starting from the next year, they will raise the price of the soya milk to 5kč more in order to encourage people to recycle the glass bottles. But if the customers bring the bottles back.

Vegan product | Soy-based

The package of Tofu

It looks like plastic, but it is made from corn, which is degradable.

The capsule of the rooibos tea:

It is degradable as well.

If you want to drink some natural and fresh plant-based milk, try Soyka.

More information about Soyka can be found on the website: Tel: +420 724 176 952

Email: [email protected]

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