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In Europe, onions and garlic are the base of almost every dish. 5 pungent spices are often used in the cuisine. People usually think they have antibiotic function for the body, or give a strong flavor for the dishes. However, pure diet excludes 5 pungent spices for few reasons and we would like to illustrate 3 of them in this article.

Firstly, according to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” , which is regarded as the most complete and comprehensive medical book ever written in the history of traditional Chinese medicine. 5 pungent spices will damage human’s 5 main organs, including heart, lung, liver, kidney and spleen.

Secondly, because onions and garlic have a strong smell, some people try not to eat them as a showing of respect towards others. I was visiting Milan last week, due to this reason, I found out some Italian vegan restaurants avoid to use onions and garlic.

Thirdly, 5 pungent spices will pollute the purity of our human system. Not eating them is to be aware of the purity of our human system, because it is connected with the happiness of our life. We prefer to live in a clean, pure and organized house and we take shower for cleaning our body, sometimes we use perfume to have a good smell. The body is similar to the house of our soul. Have we realized how it is important to keep the body clean and pure so that the soul can live comfortably and happily?

Let us imagine, in the corner of a clean and nice building, someone throws a cigarette there. Next day another person throws a bag of trash there. Maybe after one week, we may find out that corner becomes a rubbish dump and smells bad. Afterwards, people do not want to approach that corner anymore. Moreover, positive energies, including people, affairs, things and circumstances will be naturally keeping away from that corner. When something good happens to someone, people usually call it “Luck”, but have we ever thought about why to “Him”? Not to others? We want to have a good and happy life, encounter positive people and good opportunities, but the question to ask is that are we good and pure enough to attract them?

In the end, we would like to share a story: Physiognomy from the heart

A young man went to an antique shop to buy bowl. In the shop, he picked up a bowl at random and tapped it gently with the others one by one. The sound produced by the bowls was so dull that the man disappointedly shook his head. Then he tried with almost all bowls in the shop but was hardly satisfied with any of them, even the finest one recommended by the shop owner.

The shop owner got very confused, so he asked the young man: “Why do you keep using this bowl to tap the others?”

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“Oh, I learnt this special technique from an elderly man. If a bowl makes bright and clear sound when it gets tapped by the other, it must be a good bowl”, the young man said with pride.

The shop owner finally understood. He handed another bowl to the young man, saying: “Young fellow, try this one. I bet you’ll find what you want.” The young man took it in doubt. Surprisingly, every bowl he tapped it with produced clear and beautiful sound. He was astonished, “why was that?”

The shop owner answered with smile on his face: “It’s very simple. The one you used earlier was defective itself, therefore, no matter what you tapped it with, the sound would never be nice. If you are looking for a high-quality bowl, you need to be holding one first.”

Similarly, only when we treat the others with sincerity and kindness and we likely to receive the same. If your mind is filled with dusts and negative energies, what would you be surrounded by?

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