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Last week when my friend was cleaning her apartment, taking plastic bags one by one; for the first time, I started to be aware of the noise made by pulling every plastic bag from the package. ONE PLASTIC BAG, ONE WORLD. Through a plastic bag, from a point, we see the world as a plane view, such as people who produce, transport and sell it; we see the chemical elements, which compose it; we see the landfills and oceans where it will end up; we see animals that eat it by an accident and are killed by it. The scope of our contemplation, which can be a point, a line and a plane, will influence our thoughts and actions.

It is akin to what Margaret Thatcher once said:

Watch your thoughts, for they will become actions. Watch your actions, for they will become your habits. Watch your habits for they will forge your character. Watch your character, for it will make your destiny.”

Are we aware of the importance of our views and thoughts? For example, human beings have been considering ourselves as the centre of Earth and so focused on the technology and material development that tend to take everything for granted, do whatever will bring profits and almost forget we live in nature on Earth; we are earthlings, a part of the universal system.
In total, we use 100 million tons of plastic every year and ten percent of it will end up in the oceans, where the plastic will be broken down into tiny pieces, which are eaten by fish and cannot be digested. Eventually, the plastic builds up and enters our food chain. Consequently, we will reap what we sow. It is found out that microplastics have been found in human stools for the first time according to a study, which examined a group of participants from Europe, Japan and Russia.

Eco-friendly | Reduce the use of plastic

There are so many astonishing numbers about the plastic consumption, extinct animal species, slaughtered animals, deforestation etc. Pointing out these facts does not aim to scare people but to wake up the soul to catch the chance for upgrading. In Chinese, “Crisis” has two characters. One means “Crisis”; the other means “Opportunity”. 21 century is an era of spiritual reconstruction. It is time to upgrade our civilization from material, technological and intellectual civilization to moral and spiritual civilization. It is time to purify our minds, by valuing the importance of being a virtuous person instead of targeting only profits, materials or social positions improvements. It is time to be civilized in our thoughts, words and behaviours, by considering the impacts of our behaviours on other beings and our planet.

Laozi said:

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Eco-friendly | minimalist | Pure vegan lifestyle

Upgrading starts from having good new habits, such as our eating habits and consumption habits. The sense of respect comes from seeing every being as a creature instead of only as a piece of meat and this forges the foundation of moral and spiritual civilization. Buying is not only a consumption choice but also a vote, which will decide the life and death of animals.

By offering to the market a new kind of reusable produce bags, made by NEWHABITS, a recyclable and reusable plastic bag brand designed for buying fruits and vegetables, we would like to encourage people to reduce the single-use plastic bags consumption. A Dutch woman, Yolande established NEWHABITS. She used to teach at the primary school and 1 year ago, she started to realize how big amount of plastic bags we consume per day and how many animals are killed just because people will eat them. Then she became vegan and wanted to influence people to change their minds. Therefore, as a starting point, she made the mind, to begin with producing reusable bags for inspiring people to think how our usual living habits are affecting negatively our world.

She tried a few types of bags made by different reusable materials, considering their quality, weight, size, price etc. Eventually, she chose the material made by recycled drink bottles. The new bags are very light, BPA free, washable, fashionable pouch to keep them together and easily closed with drawstring and cord lock. The package is made by recyclable paper and words are printed with recyclable soy ink as well. Each package has 8 bags including pouch and clip and each bag can hold up to 2 kg of produce. Buying a bag leads to a different future, which is in our hand. Please vote for the animals, lands, oceans that are not able to speak our human language.

You can find the product on our e-shop: New Habits Bags

With Newhabits, we create a new and better future.

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