Pure vegan lifestyle | the meaning of life

Once upon a time, a grandfather and his grandson lived in a remote village. They had some relatives living in the capital city. Hearing that the capital is a very large and busy city, they’d been wishing to see it for long.

One day, they finally decided to visit the capital. Luggage packed, they rode their donkey together and set off.

Before long, they met Passer-by A on the way. Seeing them, Passer-by A said, “How could you both ride on such a skinny donkey! It’s so inhumane!”

It sounded reasonable to the grandpa, so he got off the donkey and let the grandson ride it alone while he walked along by the side.


Pure vegan lifestyle| meaning of life

They continued the journey and encountered Passer-by B, who said to the grandson, “Young man, how disrespectful you are! How could you let this elderly walk alongside when you’re sitting on the donkey?”
Indeed, the grandson was already a teenager. He felt ashamed and dismounted as soon as he heard Passer-by B’s words. He helped his grandpa to get on the donkey and they continued their way.

As the journey went on, Passer-by C saw them and said to the grandpa, “Mister, don’t you have any sense of caring for the young? Look how healthy and strong you are. How could you let the boy walk while you ride?”
Truly, the grandpa was just over 50s. Hearing what Passer-by C said, he also felt ashamed and dismounted immediately. Right at that moment, the grandpa and the grandson felt quite confused after hearing so many voices during the journey. They thought to themselves that maybe it’s not appropriate for neither of them to ride the donkey. At last, they decided to continue the travel on foot along with the donkey.

After a while, Passer-by D saw them and asked, “Where did you come from?”
The grandpa answered, “We came from a remote village.”
“Oh, so you’ve walked a long way. Where are you going?”
The grandson replied, “We’re going to the capital!”
Hearing that, Passer-by D burst into laughter and said, “You fools, going somewhere this far on foot? You’ve got a donkey yet you don’t ride it. Haha, how ridiculous!”
Hearing Passer-by D’s scoffing, the grandpa and the grandson got very annoyed: neither both of them, nor just one of them, nor nobody should ride the donkey. What should they do then? Thinking of this, they totally lost their interest in going to the capital. They turned around in a huff and went back to their village.

Pure vegan lifestyle| meaning of life

Food for thought:

We took the first step with a simple idea and were lucky enough to have health, time, money or family and friends’ help. However, before we even realize that we haven’t got much closer to the destination, years have past and a lot of things have changed. It’s time we should look back and reflect on the past journey.

Where are we right now and where are going? Did we remember why did we set off at the very beginning? What have we encountered on the way? What have we leant along the journey?


Thanks for your reading!