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EcoWarehouse: one of the fastest-growing Eco-friendly companies in the Netherlands

Have you ever tried Stasher silicone storage bags or reusable, plastic-free Food Huggers? Eco Warehouse is an EU distributor specializing in sustainable, eco-friendly products including Stasher, Food Huggers, Bee’s Wrap, Vejibag, Bag-again, SoapLift, and the Avocado Sock, all of which are zero-waste and plastic-free. We discovered Eco Warehouse last year while searching for like-minded eco-friendly product distributors on Instagram.

Polle, Eco Warehouse’s general manager, told us that Ellen (the owner) has wanted to do something to help save the planet and create a better future since 2014. Through home gardening, Ellen found there was a high demand for sustainable products on the market, and established Eco Warehouse. In the photo, it’s the Dutch team of Ecowarehouse: Ellen (Founder), Polle (general manager), Desiree (logistics), Tae-Sook (office/marketing), Connie (logistics).

After joining the distributor, Polle said that his lifestyle became more environmentally-friendly; he started choosing more sustainable products, eating more veggies, recycling waste, and taking the bus to work more often. In the Netherlands, the government has demanded that everyone recycle, so people have been forming the habit of doing it.

At first, Eco Warehouse was focused on selling Bee’s Wrap, a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap for food storage (a vegan version launched in 2020). Gradually, they discovered other products from different companies around the world and began selling to retailers in the EU. In 2020, Eco Warehouse was given the FD GAZELLE Award, as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Netherlands.

According to Polle, the key to their success is in selecting unique, plastic-free, sustainable, fair-trade products with a long lifespan. This guarantees that they are paying attention to the mission and vision of their business partners. Prior to 2019, Eco Warehouse experienced a rapid acceleration in growth. Some orders were canceled due to the pandemic, however. Running the business has been challenging, but they’ve adapted to doing more business online.

Eco-friendly lifestyle

We’ve all faced different turning points in life, after which we either upgrade or downgrade. Many companies couldn’t continue under the lockdown, while others have endeavored to grow. The Chinese character for “crisis” means both crisis and opportunity, revealing that challenges can be opportunities as well.

What kinds of crises are we facing now? Look around. Despite some enjoyment, our world is full of devastation, some of which have been horrible to witness: the pandemic, terrorist attacks, earthquakes, forest fires, plastic pollution, and global warming, etc. Where is our future, if we continue to live in such a way? Now is the time to contemplate our lifestyle and change our eating, drinking, and living habits. Don’t impose on others what you yourself don’t desire.

If we want to gain respect and happiness, we need to plant both respect and happiness and stop complaining. If we want to gain life, we first need to give life, not kill life. If we want to gain love, we must first understand what love is and give love. If we don’t want to suffer, we must first stop creating suffering for others, and for our planet.

Plant-based meals, eco-friendly products, and a sustainable lifestyle aren’t only food or product-related choices; we are voting for our future. What future are you voting for?

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