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Do you think our lives are often like on a roller coaster? Sometimes we’re happy, sometimes we’re sad, sometimes we’re energetic, sometimes we’re depressed, etc. Whatever we do, it seems like we can’t keep stability. Even though all we want is to be happy and joyful, most of the time we end up suffering.

Can you be happy for one minute? Can you be happy for one hour? One day? One week? One month? One year? Try answering this honestly.

Life is bringing us different situations we have to face, but who decides how will we feel about them? Just one thought can bring us pain or joy. Let us share a story with you.

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There was once a famous Chinese General who decided to visit a Zen Master to ask him a question:
“Master, do Hell and Heaven exist?”
Master looked at him and answered:
“Well, yes. Of course, Hell and Heaven exist!”
General got really puzzled by this answer, so he asked:
“How is it possible? How can Hell and Heaven exist if I’ve never seen such places? And I don’t even know anyone who has seen either Hell or Heaven!”
Master answered:
“How could you recognize Hell and Heaven, when you spent your whole life waging wars and killing people?”
This question enraged the General so much that he started to shout at the Master, his face got all red and in few moments his anger escalated so much that he took his sword and he was about to cut the Master’s head off. But before that could happen, the Master just said:
“… this is Hell.”
It was like if the General was woken up from a trance by this simple sentence and he started to apologize deeply and bow in respect and gratitude to the Master for the lesson he just received. The Master was smiling a bit as he was saying:
“And this is Heaven.”

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Have you heard the story “Six blind men and the elephant”?

Once upon a time, there were six blind men. They lived in a town in India. They thought they were very clever. One day an elephant came into the town. The blind men did not know what an elephant looked like but they could smell it and they could hear it. ‘What is this animal like?’ they said. Each man touched a different part of the elephant.

The first man touched the elephant’s body. It felt hard, big and wide. ‘An elephant is like a wall’ he said.
The second man touched one of the elephant’s tusks. It felt smooth and hard and sharp. ‘An elephant is like a spear’ he said.

The third man touched the elephant’s trunk. It felt long and thin and wiggly. ‘An elephant is like a snake’ he said.
The fourth man touched on of the legs. It felt thick and rough and hard and round. ‘An elephant is like a tree’ he said.
The fifth man touched one of the elephant’s ears. It felt thin and it moved. ‘An elephant is like a fan’ he said.
The sixth man touched the elephant’s tail. It felt long and thin and strong. ‘An elephant is like a rope’ he said.

The men argued. It’s like a wall! No, it isn’t! It’s like a spear! No, it isn’t! It’s like a snake! They did not agree. The king, who was riding the elephant, had been watching and listening to the men. ‘You are not very clever. An elephant is not like a wall or a spear or a snake, or a tree or a fan or a rope’.

“How can each of you be so certain you are right?” asked the King.

The six blind men considered the question. And then, knowing the King to be a very wise man, they decided to say nothing at all.

“The elephant is a very large animal,” said the Rajah kindly. “Each man touched only one part. Perhaps if you put the parts together, you will see the truth.

Once, Kafka looked at a fish in an aquarium and told it, “Now I can look at you in peace; I don’t eat you anymore.” Starting with a pure diet, we care more about our health, but more importantly, it is the starting of opening our visibility of life. Let’s put all the parts together and see the truth of life and be a good example for others.

Thank you for your reading!
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