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Chaplin once made a poem:

My heart is like this face
Half white
Half shadowyI can choose to let you see
Can insist on keeping you see
Like a big circus
It makes you excited
Makes me fear

Who am I? Have we thought about this question? What is our true face?

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, people start to wear masks to protect themselves, but aren’t we wearing masks every day? One after another?

Yes, you read it correctly, people live beneath masks. Sometimes we need to change them according to the situations. The masks are with us 24 hours, no matter day and night. We’ve been wearing them for so long that we’ve forgotten who we really are. It is similar to play daily Roles with these masks coming from different identities, such as being as a daughter, a mother, a father, a son, a manager, politics, a teacher, a granddaughter, a dancer, a chimney sweep, a housekeeper, a shef etc. The more professions we create, the more masks we have.

We look for a way to be a great mother, a good housekeeper, teacher, shef at the same time, then we get lost in trying to play well these roles and fulfil the responsibilities. Each person has a mask, some may have more. Some married men, before they go home, usually they stay in their car in the parking for 10 minutes; because afterwards when they arrive home, they will have to continue being a good father, a good husband or a good son. They feel these 10 minutes in a parking are the real-time for themselves, to relax and be the real self.

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When people feel happy, they put on a happy mask; when people feel sad, they put on a sad mask; when people feel angry, they put on an angry mask. Then people start to call these masks emotions and characters. However, who is hiding beneath the masks? Who I am? Who is me?

Every country has also its masks, systems and performances. Some people praise them; some criticize them, some make war with each other. Can we imagine the world without the masks?. If someone accidentally takes them off, it may feel weird. Where has our true self gone? Who are we and why did we come to the planet Earth? The coronavirus spreads so quickly, but can we remove our masks and answer these questions as fast as the coronavirus spreads?

The true self is like a pearl covered by dust, which refer to our masks including emotions, characters, identities etc. If we live as our “true face/self”, no one will allow what is happening now in the world continues, such as conflicts, pandemic, stealing, lying, cheating, killings, deforestation and ocean pollution, which may be another reason to protect oneself by wearing another mask.

The life without masks will be a real and true world, only truths and trusts, there will be no games, no suspicions, no threats, no wars, no playing shows etc.. All illusions created by the masks and identities will cease and others will see their own real-life experiences with purity and clarity.

The year 2020, a new year, it is time to slow down and contemplate on who we are; to learn how to balance between material developments and spiritual upgrading; to respect nature, ourselves, other people and all living beings. It is time to awaken ourselves and return back to Unity. With joyfully accepting everything and every being, a man is one step closer to the understanding of truths and returning to the true self.

“Everyone can’t see the truth, but everyone can be the truth.”

                                                                                                                            Franz Kafka

There are truths of suffering and truths of joy. Let us be the truth of joy and be the true self. Let’s be good and kind examples for people around us, then they will start to change sooner or later

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There is a nice and inspiring story:

Once upon a time, there was an officer who was going to escort a criminal monk to prison from one city to another.

Before leaving, his superior urged him: “there are four important things which you cannot lose and remember to check them every day. The first is the luggage, the second is the official proof of the crime, the third is the monk and the fourth is yourself.”

The journey was long but the officer was very responsible. Along the way, he was checking the presence of these four things in the morning before departure as followings:
Luggage, present.
Proof of a crime, present.
Monk, present.
Myself, present.

At the same time, the monk was observing him while he was checking everything. Day by day, they walked together along the journey; they looked after each other as if friends. One day, after heavy rain, they were hungry, they went to an inn and planned to stay there for a night.
The monk knew it was getting closer to the prison, he had a clever idea that could help him to escape.

The monk then said to the officer: “I am a monk. I can’t eat meat and drink alcohol, but you need to treat yourself well. Today is cold, why don’t you drink some alcohol to warm up yourself?”
The officer agreed, he drank alcohol one cup after another. Slowly, he lost control of himself. He was drunk and fell into sleep. The monk saw the chance of escaping was coming; he took the key from the officer and took off the handcuffs and foot-cuffs. Then he took a razor; shaved the officer’s head; took off the officer’s clothes and put on his on the officer. Before he ran away, he put the cuffs on the officer’s legs.

Next day, after the office woke up, he wanted to check the four things as usual.
He touched the luggage: the luggage is here;
He saw the proof of crime was on the table: proof of a crime is here ;
He looked around, where was the monk? Suddenly he was nervous. But when he touched his head, it was bald, his heart was settled, he knew the “monk” was still present. Then he thought again, so now the monk was here, where am I? He found out that he lost himself.

Who we are? Are we the monk or the officer? Haven’t we lost ourselves as well?

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