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You have already started the pure diet, but may be lost in the information listed on products found in local shops. Is this the case?

It’s easy to be vegan, but being pure vegan is a bit challenging. You are careful about not buying certain foods, such as meat, eggs, fish, garlic, onion, leeks, or alcohol. That’s great. But these ingredients can be hidden in the products–marinated tofu, hummus, spreads, some sauces, soya sauce, and chips, for example. Usually, the ‘spices’ in these products contain garlic, onion, or leeks, so you need to carefully read the ingredients; gradually, you will become more familiar with them. Because of the difficulty of identifying the 5 pungent spices in these products, we often check with the production companies.

Some soy sauces may contain alcohol. If you don’t know if the additives are pure vegan or not (such as E472), you can check on the internet. We recommend this website: https://elated.co.za/which-e-numbers-are-vegan/

Another issue we need to pay attention to is bread and bakeries, where some ingredients derived from animals or alcohol can be hidden. Sometimes, certain breads contain onion or garlic. Animal fat or alcohol is often used for prolonging shelf-life. Some dry yeasts contain animals fat as well, so please check whether it is 100% vegan yeast or not.

Why is it so important to eat 100% pure food? It’s similar to keeping a cup of water pure. Imagine if we put a drop of ink into the cup–is the water still drinkable? Imagine an inflated ball–if it is stung by even a tiny needle, it will be deflated and no longer useful. When going through security checks at the airport, if the sensors spot any prohibited items we are not allowed to pass. Higher purity of water brings a better quality, which will determine its value. Following a 100% pure diet keeps our body, mind, and soul system 100% pure, so we can have a better quality of living and manifest the value of life.

How will you know if you accidentally consume garlic, onions, or alcohol? Because your body and mind will react. You may feel upset. The strong flavor of onions or garlic will remain in your mouth for a long time, and you feel uncomfortable with it. Your mind can be disturbed, and becomes blurry. After following the pure diet for some time, the body and six senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and consciousness) will be more sensitive to the strong flavor of these ingredients. The body, mind, and soul will start to function better, and tell you what you can eat–such an excellent system!

Following the pure diet may seem hard, at the beginning. But after some time it will be nice and easy. As long as you persist, time will show you the benefits.

To learn how to eat in order to have enough nutrition in your daily meals, please see our post: How to eat pure diet

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We will here recommend some brands and pure vegan products:

The most convenient shop for pure vegans is Puro Shop in Prague Vinohrady, Uruguayská street 7. Puro has an online shop as well. https://www.puroshop.cz/

Vegan products | Pure diet | Pure vegan recipe

In the shop, you will find alternatives to Vegi steak kukuřízek and tofu strips, Veganz products as soy medallions, soy meat, and cheese, frozen “meat” food, etc. They have a large selection of sweets, ice cream, and other snacks. You can also find gluten-free products there.

Most food is Pure Vegan (without onion and garlic). Other non-pure vegan products are marked with an orange sticker.

It is certainly worth visiting for a wide selection of quality Pure Vegan products.

The next shop is Country Life, it sells vegan products, but not all are garlic, onions (Five Pungent Spices), and alcohol-free. Be careful shop has some products which contain eggs. Here are a few pure vegan products;

Vegan products | Eco-friendly

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  • Mugi Miso for Miso Soup
  • Country life Delicious nutritional yeast
  • Hradec delicacies Dried tomatoes
  • Hradec delicacies Basil pesto
  • Alsan Vegetable Butter the orange one
  • Sunfood Smoked and natural tofu
  • “Cheese” vegan Green Vie (B12 is added)
  • Tahin
  • Vegi Steak – kukuřízek and tofu strips
  • Granola muesli
  • ichoc chocolate
  • Provamel Beverages / Cream
  • Country life Syrups
  • Plant milk

if you work in the center of Prague, the shop World Vegan Na Porici 25, Prague 1 can be a good choice for buying vegan products.

Here are some tips for pure vegan products:

Vegan products | Eco-friendly

There you will also find Pure Vegan products, some of them we have already introduced to you in the previous stores, such as Vegi Steak, tofu, plant-based milk, etc. It is worth mentioning:

  • Soy sauce from Natural Jihlava
  • Amylon rice pudding
  • Pure tomato sauce Rapunzel
  • Polenta
  • A lot of flours, oils

We only mentioned some shops and products. You can check our recipes on the website.
And you are welcomed to attend our pure vegan food tasting or Chinese tea ceremony workshop (will be in the Czech language soon as well). You will get more information about the pure diet and why it is important.

More information about the pure diet, please check our blog:
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